5 Intimate Wedding Ideas for a Small Affair Celebration

October 1, 2021

Small, intimate weddings got a boost in popularity from the COVID-19 pandemic, which set strict limits on guest counts and prevented many guests from traveling to weddings during 2020. While some couples were forced to rethink their weddings to make them smaller, others embraced the concept of smaller weddings as an opportunity to create a more meaningful day for themselves and their guests. We think this trend will remain popular and wanted to share 5 intimate wedding ideas to inspire you.

5 Intimate Wedding Ideas That Celebrate the Occasion

Weddings are a time to celebrate the bride and groom, love, friends and family. Keeping this focus in mind, our intimate wedding ideas are sure to please.

Select a Special Site for your Intimate Wedding.

Fewer guests increases your venue options. Far more places can accommodate 10-20 people rather than 150+. Use this to plan a wedding at a location that is meaningful to you. Your favorite brewery, a local park or arts center, your friends’ family farm, an amazing backyard, the list goes on and on.

Extend the Wedding Celebration.

A smaller guest list means more one-on-one time with your guests and more flexibility in planning the day…or even making a weekend out of it! Consider adding special activities like a wedding brunch in between the ceremony and reception, or group activities like a sightseeing tour, or visiting a favorite attraction of the bride and groom. 

Go All in on the Wedding Details.

Create an ambiance for the space that looks beyond the table settings. Splurge on guest welcome baskets, bouquets and decorations. Use family heirlooms in your décor. Upgrade to handwritten invitations and menus. Personalize your invitations to the guest. 

Involve Everyone on the Wedding Day.

Usually only the parents and wedding party are involved in the wedding day. But with a small wedding, everyone can play a part. Let your guests be your wedding party, standing with you at the altar. Invite everyone to say a few words. Dine together family-style at a one big table. 

Plan Wedding Activities Accordingly.

Intimate weddings give you a chance to throw out the traditional “must do’s” at a wedding and plan the day around what you and your guests will most appreciate. Outdoor wedding? Plan some outdoor games. Not a fan of dancing? Skip the list of must-have dances. Want more time to chat? Leave the day open-ended and make sure there are cozy spots for guests to catch up with one another. 

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