2022 Wedding Trends to Consider for your Big Day

November 29, 2021

Since 2020, we have witnessed enormous changes in the wedding industry. There is no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced how couples celebrate their union. We’ve seen couples put their plans on hold to try and wait out the pandemic and others who elope and make plans for a bigger celebration at a future date. Those who don’t want to wait have either been forced to, or have chosen to, pare down their list to only their closest loved ones. 

Even as restrictions lift, there is still a hesitancy on the part of some brides and grooms. Can we trust the restrictions to remain lifted? Is COVID really on the wane? We don’t know. What we do know is that weddings will still be an important ritual in our lives and probably more welcome than ever as we seek celebrations of love and connection with others.

1.     Small Weddings.

We expect small micro weddings to continue well into 2022. Brides love the small-wedding trend for so many reasons. A small wedding is easier on the budget, allowing couples to splurge on things that mean the most to them (the photographer, the dress, the flowers, the décor, the honeymoon, etc.). Having a smaller wedding allows couples to be surrounded by only their closest family and friends and makes the occasion an intimate celebration of their love and relationship, rather than an over-blown and expensive party. 

2.     Lighter Colors.

Light colors in florals and décor will remain popular. It’s psychological as much as it is a desire for certain hues. Brides want to avoid the pandemic doom and gloom. Subtler colors feel joyful, light, and celebratory. They reflect a new season, a new life, and hope. We think the dramatic dark and gloomy florals will be put on pause and brides will want to surround themselves and their guests with bright and cheery colors, such as light pinks, whites, and other light colors.

3.     Simple and Minimalist Wedding Gowns.

Although this trend started about a year or so ago, we believe it will continue as a 2022 wedding trend and probably beyond. Brides are loving the timelessness of a clean wedding gown, something they feel will stand the test of time! They also love the versatility of being able to accessorize and really personalize their looks with other statement pieces: big and chunky earrings or necklaces, elaborate capes (instead of a veil), or some super transformative jewelry that allows them to make the gown their own. Having a simpler dress as a starting point is like a blank canvas that allows brides to express their unique personalities! 

Creativity and Inspiration Take Center Stage

We love the variety and creativity, self-expression and simple freedom that so many couples have embraced as they have been forced to re-think their weddings. We see this as a trend that will continue as couples see what others have done and become inspired by the possibilities.

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