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Love and Lace was started by Ramona, out of a desire to provide brides with a complete bridal experience in a setting that welcomes everyone’s unique style and personality! After having visited salons across Orange and Los Angeles County, it was clear that there was a need for a more laid-back and casual approach to bridal, yet with a strong emphasis on strong customer service.

Our wedding gowns are meticulously curated and hand-picked by Ramona, who takes great pride in choosing quality fabrics and designs.

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Who is the Love and Lace Bride?

Love and Lace is for the unique, quirky, confident and independent woman. Someone that dares to step outside the box and stay true to herself, someone that wants to find something that is a reflection of her special personality! Our dresses are different and unique, because we believe our brides are the same – and we are that safe place for them to be themselves! We want you to be comfortable, loved and celebrated – YOU CAN SIT WITH US, because we get you!!!

We do not carry ballgowns, because they are too traditional for us and our brides. We do not carry mermaid fit, because they are uncomfortable and make it hard to move/eat/dance, and we are ALL about comfort!

What we do carry are beautiful gowns that are fairly priced, that are beautifully and ethically made, that are great quality, that are handpicked by Ramona specifically with all her future brides in mind! There is something so special when a bride walks in to one of our salons and breathes a sigh of relief because she has finally found a place that is inviting, that is non-pressure, that is created with the specific vision to make each bride feel perfectly confident and gorgeous!


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