Do I need an appointment to try on gowns?

What’s your price point?

Yes, we do run by appointment only to try on gowns/accessories and do not allow walk-ins. We recommend taking a look at the different appointments available and seeing which works best with your specific wants and needs.

Our price point ranges between $2800-$4500 with the majority of our gowns being around $3200. Our “off-the-rack” gowns range between $1500-$2500.

How long does it take to receive my gown?

How far in advance should I begin shopping for my gown?

The average time of gown production is 7 months but is dependent on designer (some could be a month sooner or later). If timing is tight, no worries, we are happy to rush a gown with the designer to ensure a quicker arrival date. (Please note that fees associated with rushes vary be designer)

We recommend that brides begin their search 10-12 months before their wedding date. This allows for time of the production of your gown (6.5-8 months) and alterations (2.5-3 months). We can’t stress enough the peace mind that comes when buying with plenty of time, and strongly encourage taking that into consideration when planning your decision-making!

Do you offer alterations?

How many guests are allowed to join me during an appointment?

We do not do offer alterations or tailoring of gowns but do provide a list of local recommended seamstresses that have worked on our gowns. The seamstresses we recommend have asked for 2.5-3 months for tailoring and to budget around $500-$900.

We allow up to 5 guests to join a bride during her appointment. We love being able to provide our brides with a personal and intimate experience at our salon and have found that more guests can bring confusion and disruption to the brides special day. We encourage brides to bring those that will uplift them and listen to their wants and needs. *We do NOT allow any body shaming during our appointments and will not tolerate negative and hateful comments towards brides from their guests.

Do you allow champagne at the salon?

Do you allow children to join in on appointments?

We don’t allow any consumption of food or alcohol in our salon and recommend celebrating with a glass of bubbles after your appointment. The salon caters to a more intimate experience and we take pride in the cleanliness of our salon and gowns.

We do not allow children under the age of 10.

What do you require for payment when I find my gown?

Do you allow browsing or pulling of gowns?

We have a strict no-browsing policy to ensure the quality of our gowns remain in pristine condition for all of our brides. If you’d like to see all of the gowns available we recommend taking a look at our designer highlights on our Instagram page OR view our “Gown Gallery” here on the website. Our stylists are highly trained to pull gowns based on the brides wants/needs, budget and size.

Our designers require that the gown be paid in full to ensure production timeline.

What size gowns are available to try on?

What accessories do you offer and what are their price ranges?

Our sample gowns range from bridal size 10 to 12 and extended sizes ranging from bridal size 16-22.

We offer a great selection of veils. Price is dependent on the length of the veil and extra embellishments like lace, sparkles or pearls and range from $250-$900. We have a curated selection of belts, earrings, wings and hair pins. We do not offer traditional tiaras or crowns.

What should I bring to my appointment?

What is your cancellation policy?

We highly recommend bringing photos of inspiration you’ve seen from our Instagram/Pinterest so that our stylist can understand the aesthetic you were leaning towards; this is a great starting point that gives us direction. We recommend wearing nude underwear and sticky cups, although most brides go braless as we have bra cups. We don’t feel shape wear  is necessary as you are perfect just as you are- but if you find you’ll feel more comfortable; than you’re more than welcome to bring them. Heels are not necessary as our gowns are all floor length and we want to avoid any slips and falls but if you feel you absolutely need them, then bring them along. Bringing a hair tie or clip to pull up your hair is also super helpful.

All bridal appointments require a $40 Reservation Fee, charged at the time the appointment is made. We need at least 72-hour notice of cancellation in order for this fee to be refunded. We operate by appointment-only, so please be courteous when canceling, and allow us plenty of time to try to rebook that time slot.

I ordered my gown with Love and Lace, will I get updates on my gowns arrival?

Is it normal to purchase your gown at the first appointment?

We always discuss with you when your gown will arrive on the day you purchase your gown. Once it arrives we will reach out via email, but we will not be updating regularly. Our motto: "no news is good news". The gown will arrive when promised; if there happens to be delays, we will of course reach out and inform a bride as soon as possible.

It is totally normal to purchase your gown at your first stop. We recommend focusing on how you feel during your shopping experience. There is no right or wrong way of saying yes, we just ask that you be true to yourself and follow your heart. A confident bride is a happy bride!