Three steps for a stress-free wedding gown shopping experience

December 6, 2022

You found the one that makes your heart skip a beat, you got the ring, and now it’s time to plan the happiest day of your life.

Congratulations! This is such a special time for you. It should remain special and stress-free! Follow these three simple steps and you’re sure to make finding your wedding gown a breeze.

Every stylist highly recommends coming in with a plan of action. By plan we mean conduct some background research and figure out what you want in a wedding gown. There is nothing worse than starting to search for your wedding gown with absolutely no clue or direction. These three simple steps will make a smooth stress-free wedding gown shopping experience and have been approved by our highly trained bridal stylists.

Step one: Select Your Wedding Date

This is key for a stress-free wedding gown shopping experience! Timeline is crucial when purchasing a wedding gown that takes some time to produce. Wedding gowns at Love and Lace Bridal take about 7.5 months for production. Keep this in mind when looking at your calendar. Don’t forget that although our wedding gowns are made to order, they always need some form of bridal alterations. Many bridal seamstresses in the area recommend a 2 to 3 month window of time to complete your bridal alterations. 

Many bridal stylists highly recommend saying yes to the dress 10 to 12 months before your big day to relieve you of stress and costly rush fees. (Note: If time is tight most designers can rush an order, but, you may incur a rush fee. Rush fees range in price from $400-$600 depending on the designer and your wedding date).

Step two: Determine Your Budget

Sit down and put pen to paper along with a calculator. Be realistic when coming up with your budget. Stating “your open” is not a budget, which may actually hurt you in the end. Talk to family members, who may offer to help pay for the wedding gown, about your budget. Is your sweet loving grandma from Kentucky planning on paying for a portion of your wedding gown or maybe the whole thing? First, that is so sweet of your grandma. So, definitely chat with her about this so you have a plan of action to avoid any awkward conversations when it’s time to pay for your wedding gown. 

Wedding gowns at Love and Lace Bridal range in price from $2800 to $4000 with the majority of them falling in the low $3000’s. Bridal alterations are a separate cost and they can range between $500 to $700. Our designers use the best materials and focus on amazing wedding gown construction and quality to ensure a beautifully made wedding gown. Each designer has their own unique story with a great group of small teams working on your wedding gown.

Our stylists are ambassadors for all of our designers and love to explain each of their special design process. When purchasing your wedding gown at Love and Lace Bridal you aren’t just buying a gown, you are also contributing to a charity that helps others in the community. Each month we donate a portion of each sale to a charity that helps empower women. You leave with more than a wedding gown at Love and Lace Bridal!

Step Three: Research Wedding Gown Styles

Research the various styles of wedding gowns and have an idea of the style you like. Are you a visual person? Start a Pinterest board of wedding gowns that catch your eye that match your aesthetic. If you’re more analytical, start a list of pros and cons concerning the things you’re looking for in your wedding gown.

Once you have an idea of your style definitely research the bridal salons you want to visit. Don’t just pick the first bridal salon that pops up on Google. Click through and see what they have to offer. If the thought of a tight fitting wedding gown with lots of sparkle and heavy jewels makes your break out into hives, don’t make an appointment with a bridal salon that carries those types of wedding gowns. Look at the designers the bridal salon features and see if they match your aesthetic. 

Here at Love and Lace Bridal, we offer a great selection of non-traditional bridal gowns for the cool bride. You might be asking what does non-traditional mean? It means we don’t carry traditional styles like mermaids, trumpets, or ballgowns. Nothing wrong with those styles; they just aren’t our bride. Our bride tends to be more modern and bohemian; romantic with some chicness. We post all of our wedding gowns that we have in store on our website and also on our Instagram page.

Once you check off these three boxes, you’re ready to start the process of shopping for your wedding gown! We recommend these three simple steps as they will give you the best starting point to make your stress-free wedding gown shopping experience easy, fun, and memorable. As it should be!

Our highly trained bridal stylists will make you feel like a part of our warm family and help you find your dream wedding gown at Love and Lace Bridal!

Book your Appointment today! Remember… Don’t stress, buy the dress!