Sweet Something Blue Ideas For You

September 28, 2016
Photo by Megan Welker Photography

Something Blue ideas can come in a number of ways. Probably the most memorable are “something blues” from family. Perhaps passed down generations, a blue handkerchief as brought good luck to the bride of the moment. And your Something Blue is there for good luck. Based off of an old English rhyme, “Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe,” we have carried this tradition with us for quite some time.

So how do you choose your Something Blue? We will always start by suggesting that you should do what you feel is right for you as a bride. That little something can “fit in” with your wedding or stand out. You are unique and special, and your Something Blue can reflect however you feel. You are the bride after all. 😉

Here are some simple ways to start your inspiration on how to choose your Something Blue. These may be tried and true, but they are all elegant and sweet ideas to incorporate this charming tradition.

1.) Your bridal shoes! 

If blue is one of your colors, why not wear a pop of it on your feet. Shoes are easy to find in many different colors, blue being one of them. Match the blue shoe with your wedding colors, or choose a Tiffany blue, or pale blue. Suede, satin, you name it! Having your bridal shoes as your Something Blue, (and putting that sixpence in there if you’re really feeling the English tradition!), is an easy and fun way to incorporate it.

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2.) Bouquet Ribbons

We saw this idea on Style Me Pretty and was immediately smitten. How incredibly sweet and genuine to have family members give names to describe the bride and then have them embroidered on her bouquet ribbons! And, if you don’t have blue as one of your colors, you could always have the words embroidered with blue thread. Perhaps keep them for your keepsake box and pass them down to your daughter.

Sweet Something Blue Ideas | www.loveandlacebridalsalon.com/blog

3.) Blue Bridal Accessories

The most subtle of blue in your jewelry is sometimes all you need. These earrings are simply superb and give a regal look to your overall bridal style. And this ribbon tied bracelet from Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart gives a vintage vibe. Wear this, your stunner, and a pair of earrings and you are good to go!

Sweet Something Blue Ideas | www.loveandlacebridalsalon.com/blog

4.) Carry Little Surprises

As a bridal salon, we actually find it rare to have a bride who plans on doing the tradition of wearing a garter. The meaning behind it was originally to keep the bride’s stockings from falling down. But to be honest, how many modern day brides wear stockings? But to keep this tradition going, and maybe a more meaningful way to us brides today, the garter is supposed to bring good luck to the gentleman the groom throws it to. And why not spread a little good luck on those who came to support and celebrate you on your wedding day? We would suggest having two garters though. One to throw and one to keep for yourself. These pale blue and handmade lace garters by Percy Handmade are perfect.

If you are still not sold on wearing a garter, we love this little idea too. Having a blue ribbon tied into the crinoline or under layers of the dress. This ribbon could be one from when you were younger, a ribbon that was on a package from a friend, or perhaps it reminds you of the creative and freedom-filled little girl who’s still inside you. You could also use a blue ribbon to tie up the layers of your train when it’s time to bustle it for the reception. Either way, a very sweet Something Blue idea and also great for a photo-op!

Sweet Something Blue Ideas | www.loveandlacebridalsalon.com/blog

Share with us your own ideas of how you plan to bring in that Something Blue tradition into your wedding day. We’d love to hear them!