6 Wedding Venues For The Love & Lace Bride

July 14, 2017

Finding a wedding venue is sometimes no easy task. Does it fit the vision you’ve been imagining? Do you and your fiance have the same vision? What about the cost? What about the vibe? There are tons of questions to be asked for sure, and that’s no small thing. The venue will set the stage for the entire wedding and everything can fall into place once a venue has been set.

With this in mind, we found 6 of our favorite venues here in the SoCal area and they range in style and price. Sometimes with a little guidance from friends and family, and also your friends here at Love & Lace, perhaps the right venue for your wedding is not so hard to find.


The Bowers Museum – Santa Ana, CA

Avg. Event Fee: $500-$100k

Mike Arick Photography

Photo by Mike Arick Photography

What we love about this venue: It feels as if almost any dream you have about your wedding can be accomplished here. With beautiful architecture that can benefit several wedding styles, and provides space for both indoor and outdoor imaginations.

And it has a 12am curfew! Bring on the party!


Merv Griffin Estate – La Quinta, CA

Avg. Event Fee: $5k-$10k

Photo by Leighanne Herr

What we love about this venue: Just a jump over to the Palm Springs area, is this expansive and supremely impressive estate. We’re already fans of hanging out in this retro, old Hollywood town, and the Merve Griffin Estate just adds to the allure. But here, you may not feel the need to go into town. With a bocce ball court, equestrian race track, and gorgeous pool, there’s plenty for you and your guests to do all wedding weekend long.


The Waterfront Beach Resort – Huntington Beach, CA

Avg. Event Fee: $4k-$5k

What we love about this venue: Wanting a little waterfront property for your wedding? Not only is our gorgeous coastline of sandy beaches your backdrop, but this venue includes quite a few perks. From a planner to china, to your tables, chairs, and linens, the venue also includes a bridal suite for you to put on your pretty dress with all your girls. A lot of vendor guess-work has been covered.


Lot 613 – Los Angeles, CA

Avg. Venue Fee: $2k-$10k

Photo by Candice Benjamin

What we love about this venue: An industrial space that is oh-so-LA. If you’ve got an edgy side, this venue is a great way to make it your own. You can party till 3am, impress guests with appetizers on the second-floor mezzanine, and the venue is pet-friendly.


Whispering Rose Ranch –  Solvang, CA

Avg. Venue Fee: $5k-$12k


Photo by John and Colette

What we love about this venue: Located in the cutest little Dutch town in California, this gem is literally like living in a fairytale. Just the name alone feels magical. In town, there are many accommodations for your guests. They can go wine tasting, eat great food, and just explore all the tiny shops downtown. Choose whichever caterer you like, byob, and choose from three spaces to hold your celebration. So, it’s pretty much a wedding dream.


HYNPT – Downtown Los Angeles, CA

Avg. Venue Fee: $5,500

Photo by J Wiley Photography

What we love about this venue: We may have a thing for exposed brick. But for other reasons, like making this space literally anything you want, there are also several places for the perfect photo-op. AND, it’s new. A cool new space for hip, awesome brides like ours.

Happy venue-hunting and CONGRATULATIONS on getting engaged!