Taylor Novakowski | LA and OC Stylist

What’s your favorite way to unwind/recharge/relax?  Going to see a movie in the middle of the day!  I love to wear my comfiest clothes, leave my phone in the car and grab some popcorn and a diet coke!

What is your favorite store to shop at and why?  My favorite store to shop at is Salvation Army/Goodwill haha!!  I love the hunt for a good vintage piece and the thrill of finding something super valuable!

If you could style one celebrity as a bride (dead or alive), who would it be and what type of gown would you choose for her?  I would style Selena Gomez in a super sleek and simple crepe gown with thin straps and a short train!

Coffee or cocktail? And which kind? Coffee!!  I love the maple iced lattee with oat milk from Vacancy in Newport 

Your dream vacation spot?  Thailand!  One of my best friends just got back from a trip their and it looked so incredible with endless places to explore.

Your favorite part about being a bridal consultant?  My favorite part about being a bridal consultant is hearing the couples love story and seeing the way a bride lights up when she talks about her fiance!

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