Ramona Southard | Salon Owner

Favorite way to unwind: getting my nails done and getting a massage.

Favorite place to shop: due to convenience and not having time for anything else, Target!!!!

Style any celebrity: My girl crush is Jennifer Lopez, so I would love to style her in a super glamorous and classic crepe or silk A-line with a very long train and her hair down and wavy!

Coffee or cocktail: coffee, all day long! Usually a brewed coffee with cream (boring, but does the job!)

Dream vacation: anywhere by the pool – Palm Springs is perfect for me!

Favorite part of being a bridal stylist/owner of bridal salon: watching that moment when it dawns on the bride that she will be getting married in that dress! Most of them cry, or get super giddy – and I am right there crying with them !

Celebrity Crush: Kobe Bryant!

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