Marissa Morey | OC Stylist

What’s your favorite way to unwind/recharge/relax? I love to get facials! I feel like it’s the best time to unwind.

What is your favorite store to shop at and why? I LOVE NORDSTROMS!

If you could style one celebrity as a bride (dead or alive), who would it be and what type of gown would you choose for her? I’m not sure who I would style. But I’d love to style any celeb! I would love to be given that freedom to just pick something different and crazy for someone!

Coffee or cocktail? And which kind? Can I say both? For coffee it’s a soy, vanilla, latte. And for cocktail it’s definitely an Old Fashioned.

Your dream vacation spot? I would love to go to Thailand. I love Thai food, and I have heard that the people and culture are amazing.

Your favorite part about being a bridal consultant? My favorite part about being a bridal consultant is that moment when you know you have the perfect dress for the Bride. When she puts it on you can tell there is something different about her. You have just in a small way changed her life. It’s a moment that is really special, I’m so lucky that I get to be a part of that. The fact that I get to do it every day is incredible.

Celebrity Crush: Anthony Kiedis

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