Beth Brooks | LA Stylist

What’s your favorite way to unwind/recharge/relax? Turn on some French jazz, pop open a bottle of red, and start cooking. Nothing is both more inspiring and relaxing the way cooking is. My first true love!

What is your favorite store to shop at? Madewell!

If you could style one celebrity as a bride (dead or alive), who would it be and what type of gown would you choose for her?  Stevie Nicks 100%, because she was a fashion ICON who was entirely herself and didn’t dress for anyone! In my mind, a bold lace, modified A-line, with a MASSIVE train and long witchy, bell sleeves of course.

Coffee or cocktail? And which kind? Cocktail!  Earthy gin + tonics or spicy margaritas forever.

Your dream vacation spot?  A Provencal French countryside town full of old world European charm, with all the brie and baguettes to eat!

Your favorite part about being a bridal consultant?  My favorite part of being a bridal consultant is watching women fall in love with themselves in a dress, and being just a small piece of helping women express themselves! Becoming a trusted confidant through this process, sometimes, I notice I am the first person who shows the bride I am there for her and really listens to her! Watching women come in so disheartened, but transform through this process and tear up in the end loving who they see in the mirror (sometimes for the first time!) is a feeling that is truly out of this world.

Celebrity Crush: George Washington and Michael B Jordan

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