Abi Sommers | LA Stylist

Favorite way to unwind/relax
My favorite way to treat myself is by ordering sushi! Then I turn on a funny movie, and later take a night walk with the beau to Magpies vegan ice cream! 

Favorite store to shop and why
I shop at Crossroads Trading Co. because I love recycling clothes and getting something unique and affordable every time. 

If you could style one celebrity (dead or alive) as a bride, who would it be and what type of gown would you choose for her?
If I could turn back time I would LOVE to style Audrey Hepburn. I think she belongs in an elegant fitted crepe gown, with a high neck and open back, and some kind of gorgeous jewelry statement. 

Coffee or cocktail? Which kind?
Iced coconut latte please! 

Dream vacation spot
Mykonos – I love how the stunning beaches meet great food and culture!

Favorite part of being a bridal consultant
I think forming positive and encouraging bonds with other women is a truly wonderful way to spend my day.

Celebrity crush
Channing Tatum forever! 

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