Abi Sommers | Stylist

If you could write a book about your life, what would the title be?
I had a high school teacher who said my memoir would be called “Fireflies and Milkshakes”.  That has always stuck with me. I think it speaks to my love of simple yet beautiful things I try to surround myself with. On my sassier days I think it might be called – “Call me ‘cute’..One more time.”, which is how I feel when Im trying to make a difference in the world as a woman.

If you could shop in any celebrity’s closet, who would it be?
I get compared to Kristen Bell often, and once I saw her at a cafe wearing a lavender fluffy seater with lavender leggings, which I would totally wear and I would probably love the rest of her closet–which is funny because if it were socially acceptable I would also wear all of Ana’s outfits in Frozen (played by Kristen Bell).

What topic could you give a 20-minute presentation on with no preparation?
I always wish I could sit in front of teenage girls and tell them about boys. I’m not an expert- but I want young girls to worry less and know their true worth. I could talk for days about that, and what I wish young girls thought about more.

How long do you try putting together IKEA furniture before giving up/phoning a friend?
TBH, I call my dad/brother/boyfriend (who will probably end up calling my dad or brother)  pretty much before I lay hands on IKEA furniture. I am happy to stand by and offer coffee and encouragement.  Mom is very capable as well…but then who will I chat with?

What was the worst fashion trend you participated in?
I have probably made so many poor fashion choices..but I really own them in the moment so someone else will have to tell me. When I was little I loved to just put as many clips  in my hair as possible– because they were colorful and sparkly and I wanted them all, and that was not a great look.

What is your enneagram? Do you agree with it?
I am a 9!  Which I generally think is very accurate. I am inclined to bring peace to all environments and avoid conflict like the plague. However, I do think I have grown a lot and will assert myself when I need to. My underlying fear is still conflict, but I have a thick skin now if I do need to dive into it. But like a true 9, I will sugar coat the heck out of that conflict.

Why bridal? Why do you do what you do?
Bridal is my breath of fresh air. My other industry is Film/TV,  but bridal is my time of the week when ego is set aside and I just get to let my sunshine-y self shine.  When I was little I watched, “The Parent Trap”, and thought the mom’s job in bridal was the coolest thing, and how I would I love to be part of that. Being a 9-  working in bridal is when I get to incorporate love into everything, and when people leave with a smile, as they always do, it feels like we are just affirming joy every which way.  (#cheesybuttrue)

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