Bride in Lace Wedding Dress

Meet the Designer Evie Young Bridal

Understanding and embracing the concept that no bride is the same, the Evie Young collection blends both the bold and soft, the elegant and unconventional, the fashion-forward with the classic. By designing their own opulent laces and fabrics, they keep the Evie Young vibe exclusive and exceptional.

Knowing that comfort is as important as style, the signature fusion construction combines the freedom of soft non-weighty fabrics and unrestrictive skirts to keep you carefree and footloose.

Evie Young is for the bride that stands boldly in individuality and who confidently lives as she is – a masterpiece of her own making. She is all about writing her own rules, walking her own runway, being her own statement. She is the star of her own show and seeks the extraordinary in her journey and in her wedding dress.

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