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6 Wedding Venues For The Love & Lace Bride

July 14, 2017

6 wedding venues we couldn’t help falling in love with…


Finding a wedding venue is sometimes no easy task. Does it fit the vision you’ve been imagining? Do you and your fiance have the same vision? What about the cost? What about the vibe? There are tons of questions to be asked for sure, and that’s no small thing. The venue will set the stage for the entire wedding and everything can fall into place once a venue has been set.

With this in mind, we found 6 of our favorite venues here in the SoCal area and they range in style and price. Sometimes with a little guidance from friends and family, and also your friends here at Love & Lace, perhaps the right venue for your wedding is not so hard to find.



6 Wedding Venues For The Love & Lace Bride


6 Wedding Venues for The Love & Lace Bride |


Santa Ana, CA.

The Bowers Museum

Avg. Event Fee: $500-$100k

What we love about this venue: It feels as if almost any dream you have about your wedding can be accomplished here. With beautiful architecture that can benefit several wedding styles, and provides space for […]

Lace Sleeves Done Right

April 13, 2017

Lace sleeves done right? Our Anais Anette Sage gown has you covered.


Lace sleeves done right! | Anais Anette Sage Gown | Love and Lace Bridal Salon | Jaicee Morgan Photography |


Doesn’t Amanda look amazing? We seriously can’t get over how jaw-dropping incredible this entire wedding was! Our favorite part? Seeing the handsome groom, Kevin, get a little teary eyed when he sees her walking down the aisle. And then of course the beautiful “Sage” gown by Anais Anette on bride Amanda!

We love this old times look they have going on! The vintage style is right up our alley and we are huge fans of that down-to-earth, genuine heart feel to a wedding. Sometimes almost makes things more special you know?

This vibe was able to come through for the bride and groom from two amazing vendors. Jaicee Morgan Photography really knocked it out of the park for us! Her captures seem to split the difference between snapshot and posed in the best way possible! Love how they seem to relive every moment so it was like we were there.

And then of course, Kimberly Conners […]

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We Have New Dresses!

April 7, 2017

Our Fave new dresses have arrived!

Fave New Dresses have arrived at Love and Lace Bridal Salon! | Make an appointment with us! |


One of the best things about our job, alongside being that little part of your special day, is getting new dresses into the salon! Talk about swooning! We have dresses coming in all the time it seems, and when they get here, we can’t wait to see them on our brides! We carefully curate the gowns we carry to bring you amazing, unique, not-you-cookie-cutter-wedding-dresses. These new arrivals are completely our fave new dresses!


Fave NEW Dresses!


We are definitely excited to announce we have gowns coming from the coveted Made With Love Luxe Collection! The “Isla” gown up above, shot by Fig Tree Pictures, is to die for! Strapless and fitted with little lace detailing around the arms, she is sure to be the “wow” you’ve been looking for. Totally exquisite, we just can’t get enough.


Below we have two fave new dresses from Daughters of Simone. If you want a bohemian look that is true to it’s nature and really unique, these gowns are definitely right up your alley. This long-sleeved […]

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Beautiful Leanne Marshall Trunk Show This Weekend

March 31, 2017

Beautiful Leanne Marshall Trunk Show comes to Love and Lace this weekend…


Leanne Marshall Trunk Show | Love and Lace Bridal Salon |


The wondrous thing about Leanne Marshall bridal gowns, are the amazing juxtaposition between two seemily opposite descriptions, modernity and classic. These gowns are flirty, and romantic, and interesting. They seem to brighten a room with their unique qualities and gracefulness. We have to say that the fabric Leanne uses is pure silk and it literally feels magical. It’s plain to see that we are enormous fans, but you can definitely see for yourself this weekend at our trunk show.



Beautiful Leanne Marshall Designs


Leanne Marshall Trunk Show | Love and Lace Bridal Salon |


This is Gabriella. She’s soft and light, flirty and drop dead gorgeous. We love how simple she seems, but yet has this quality of intricateness that’s just jaw dropping. She is a MUST-TRY!


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Customized Mikaella Strapless Bridal Gown

March 23, 2017

A strapless bridal gown to make you fall in love with strapless styles again…


Real Love and Lace Bride In Mikaella Bridal strapless bridal gown | The Hearts Haven Photography |


Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” seems to fit our beautiful bride Kayla in her Mikaella strapless bridal gown perfectly. And her smile says it all. We adore Kayla, inside and out, and are so excited to share these gorgeous photographs of her, her gown, and of course, her fabulous wedding at Rancho Capistrano. The Hearts Haven has captured every stunning and memorable moment with grace and poise. Definitely the type of images you want to keep forever, and we are excited to share a few with you today!


Kayla In Customized Mikaella Strapless Bridal Gown


Kayla fell in love with our Mikaella corseted style gown. However, in case you didn’t know, this gown was not originally a strapless gown. Kayla loved everything about the dress, but loved it more on herself without the straps. Having our own alterations and tailoring department, we were able to customize the gown and make her bridal dream dress dreams come true! […]

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